Here are some of the projects we are working on. Each project is design to be a hybrid of media/education, commerce, and philanthropy, as we believe all three are essential to success.

The projects below are currently being developped. To add an idea to a specific project, please comment on it directly. If you’d like to be a part of bringing one or more of these projects to life, please contact REBEARTH . As well, feel free to suggest a new project one by adding a comment on this page.


Overview:   Many dots over many years have been connected to develop and launch REBEARTH. This book will take readers from REBEARTH’s conception right through to its birth. (Status: Underway)[WHITE SPACE FILLER TEXT]

REBEARTH Sharing (a.k.a Speaking Tour)

Overview:   As a students of Mother Nature, human nature, and the lessons of history, REBEARTH speakers engage audiences with just enough vision to inspire even the most jaded among us, and just enough logic and reason to win over any “yeah-butters”. (Status: Ongoing)

REBEARTH Incubator

Overview:   The REBEARTH incubator is an online connector. A hub. A launch vehicle. A meeting place of vision, talent, capital, innovation and leadership—all committed to executing diverse projects that take us closer to a world we’d all want to live in; projects executed in line with REBEARTH’s core values, and realized by applying proven strategies. (Status: Being Developped)


Overview:   An open-sourced / mass-collaboratively designed, funded, and built home of the future. This will be a tangible example of what humanity’s future on earth can look like. (Status: Conception Stage)

REBEARTH Communications

Overview:   The goal of REBEARTH’s integrative communications project is to rally humanity around a unifying vision of the future and the paradigm–or shift in mindset–that can bring such a future about. (Status: Conception Stage)

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