What do we want to Grow?

Our lack of a human goal, something to collectively strive for, is problematic.

Experts in business, personal development, academics, science, politics, etc all agree: Having a goal is the most important step.

If people don’t know where they want to go, or [...]

The World of 'AND'

We face hard questions…

Your Health OR the Environment OR the Economy?

The Present OR the Future.

AIDS OR Food Security?

Alternative Energy OR Terrorism

Which is the priority? Where do we allocate our resources? What do we teach our children?

What a choice to make. Your hand or your foot?

What [...]

Cradle to Cradle foreshadowing at Toyota?

Imagine living in a world where all the materials we use become food for the natural systems that keep us all alive (biological nutrients), or for the industries that created them (technical nutrients)–with no mixing between the two cycles.

[We should [...]

The Beauty and Function of Well-Directed Mass Collaboration

A stunning example of mass collaboration in nature.

Janine Benyus shares Nature's Designs

Nature Knows. We Can Too.

The word paradigm gets thrown around in the “change the world” circles. It’s instructive to take a minute to revisit its definition.

par·a·digm n.

One that serves as a pattern or model.
A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a [...]

Nature's Laws

Nature represents immpecable design.

Its 4 billion years of continuous growth can be seen to result from five immutable laws. Conceiving, designing, and building all aspects of human society according to these five rules would lead to a world 6.8 billion [...]

A World 6.8 Billion People Would Want to Live in

A world that 6.8+ billion would want to live in.

This is a bold statement.

People roll there eyes when they hear it…

People get dismissive when they here it…

People start ‘Yeah/But’ing  when they hear it…

And yet, we have stumbled across a phrase [...]

Why 'A Renewably Powered World full of Safe and Healthy Things...'?


A renewably powered world, full of safe and healthy things: economically, equitably, ecologically, and elegantly enjoyed.

William McDonough, internationally renowned architect, designer, business leader and Time Magazine “Hero of the Planet”, was given a standing ovation by all departments of the [...]

What could 'A Renewably Powered World, Full of Safe and Healthy Things...' Look like?

What could ‘A renewably powered world, full of safe and healthy things: economically, equitably, ecologically, and elegantly enjoyed’ look like?

REBEARTH’s humble suggestion is: 

·         A world [...]